The Dirt…. What to look for in your yard.

The hot days of summer are here and gardening is far from the minds of most folks. An ice-cold lemonade and deep shade to beat the heat is what most gardening calendars call for. However, fall is right around the corner and here are a few tips to get you through the scorching days of August and into the “second spring” of the south – fall. Lawns at this time of year are rapidly growing and need frequent mowing. The best lawns will be those that are mowed regularly. Since your lawn is mowed once a week your clippings are returned back to the lawn. There is an excellent Texas Agricultural Extension Service internet publication called Efficient Use of Water in the Garden and Landscape which describes proper water techniques for all types of garden and landscaping, including an extensive explanation of drip irrigation. For more information on managing your plants during a drought, visit PlantAnswers. Also be on the look out this coming season for chinch bugs. If your grass looks dry but when you feel the soil it is moist, this could be a sign you have chinch bugs. Enviro-Care can apply insecticide to fight chinch bugs. July and August are also prime time to start spraying for fleas and ticks. Call 903-534-2800 to have a lawn care specialist come and take care of your spraying needs!