What to look for this fall.

The cool, crisp days of fall are finally here, bringing pleasant outdoor gardening weather. The change from daylight savings reminds us that the first frosts and freezes of the year are not far away, and that more changes are in store. There are plenty of gardening opportunities in November, but don’t let the days slip by before those important chores are done. Now that summer is over, and so are summer flowers, it’s time to replace them with winter-hardy flowers for color. Pansies are the number one choice for blooming bedding plants that Enviro-Care installs. They’re hardy, will bloom over a long season, and come in a wide array of colors.  Keep yours eyes open for the new color change!  Don’t get in a hurry to prune woody plants. Late December through February is usually the best time to prune them and even later into March for crape myrtles.  Winter is also a good time to browse plant catalogs, visit nurseries and study your landscape to make improvements or additions. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, call Enviro-Care to assist you. An attractive landscape around the house not only beautifies but also adds to the value of the property and can increase anywhere between 5 to 15 percent of the sales price.