What to look for this winter.

The new gardening year really gets in full swing in February with many activities and options for growing and learning. Keep in mind that the average last freeze for the Northeast Texas area is not until mid-March. Even so, many plants normally begin to show signs of growth in February. Early to mid-February marks the time to apply a pre-emergence herbicide for lawns that had a summer weed problem last year. These products kill germinating seed. The mild weather may already be triggering weed germination. A second application may be needed in late May or early June. This is aso the perfect time to put that new bird-feeder up.  Birds of all kinds appreciate a constant source of seed, suet and water during the winter. You’ll enjoy all the activity in your yard while providing a valuable service for our feathered friends. Just remember that once you start feeding, you should keep it up through the winter. Finally, enjoy the beauty of spring bloom. If you haven’t been to Mrs. Helen Lee’s Garden, 5.6 miles south of Gladewater off Hwy. 271 to see the thousands of daffodils, be sure to take advantage of visiting this beautiful ranch, with free admission, to see the daffodils when the bloom peaks in February. And take your camera! For further information on any of these topics please feel free to call Enviro-Care anytime at 903-534-2800.